Ask the Expert – Pictures & Art for Small Rooms slicestudio 1st July 2017

Ask the Expert – Pictures & Art for Small Rooms

Picture hanging on a wall above a bed

Q. My room is really small.  How do I decide what size pictures to choose to make the most of the space I have?

A. “That’s a stunning painting but you need a big room for it – my rooms are way too small”, is a phrase we hear in the gallery nearly every day.  The assumption is, that a big painting needs a big room, when in fact the opposite is true.

There are plenty of ways you can make a space look bigger than it is.  Paint it all a pale colour, create an accent wall, introduce carefully placed mirrors, don’t place all furniture against the walls, paint the ceiling lighter than the walls, and the current trend – paint some walls black (I thoroughly encourage you to try this – it is amazing how calming black can be – go for Farrow and Ball “Railings” for a soft black).

So, what about the myth that small rooms need small pictures?  Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with one or two small pictures in a small room but the trick to help make the room look bigger is to add just one big statement piece.  This creates a focal point and draws attention – making the space feel more expansive.  Wall art that uses reflective media like glass, aluminium and resin art is perfect for bouncing light around and giving a feeling of space, or if you prefer something more painterly go for a composition that draws the eye into the distance.  Clare Wright’s  “Epernay” is a fantastic example of this – the avenue of trees drawing the eye beyond the limits of the wall it is hung on and the sparkle of the gold and silver resins and crystals that she uses really bounces light around.

Need help with sizing a painting for your room – call our interior expert Fenella or drop her an email for some free advice.   /  01275 341141

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