It’s All in the Display – Displaying Accessories AllThingsWeb 7th August 2019

It’s All in the Display – Displaying Accessories

Bird sculpture on a table

Have you ever bought yourself an accessory that you fell in love with then got home and wondered where or how to display it to its best advantage? 

If your piece is a larger, more commanding one, then it could be shown off on a table or sideboard on its own. Alternatively a collection of smaller pieces could be grouped together alongside it.

Grouping accessories together, either on a tray or on a few coffee table books laid flat, is a great way to make a collection of small items look like one large piece. As shown in the image above, by putting one bird on the books and three alongside, you create a display at different heights and suddenly the four small birds have their own impact.

Some people prefer symmetry in their displays (as shown in the image above). Two striking lamps either end of a sideboard with a group of smaller pieces in the centre will allow the lamps to be set off by the collection and vice versa.

Alternatively, consider using an asymmetrical display with one larger item on one end being off-set and balanced by a group of smaller pieces at the other end. By linking colours or shapes across the whole display you add visual cohesion. For example, a large vase of flowers at one end of a mantelpiece, can be complemented by a collection of smaller pieces at the other end, picking up the colours of the flowers.

I love this quote from Healing Barsanti Home co-fonder Daniel Barsanti; “Be selective with accessories. Loving stuff is not the same as displaying stuff. Accessories are like a woman’s jewellery. You would never wear all of it at once. Our rule of thumb is to edit your accessories so that you never have more than 20 percent out at a given time”

If you follow Daniel’s advice, then you will always have the ability to change your ‘look’ whenever the mood take you, putting some pieces away to be enjoyed another day, and displaying new accessories that will refresh the look and feel of your home.

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