Spotlight: UNOde50 AllThingsWeb 7th August 2019

Spotlight: UNOde50

Necklace from UNOde50 collection

Put aside your beliefs about jewellery. Imagine something stylish, unique, free spirited, limitless, timeless. A non-conformism and rebellious break away form the establishment.

This is UNOde50

Born in Madrid in the late ’90s, UNOde50 is the creative brainchild of Jose Asulay. It came into existence in response to the need for a jewellery style that would break away from everything that already existed, with an ever-present bold spirit reflecting exclusivity through design and quality.

The brand started with the philosophy of crafting only 50 pieces per design, hence its name, to show its commitment to quality and excluEarrings from unode50sivity. As demand sky-rocketed the business was forced to evolve but the name stayed the same as a reminder that quality and exclusivity remain the priority.

We first met Jose and his small team in London. After an in-depth (and nail-biting) selection process we were lucky enough to be chosen as one of a few UNOde50 retail partners and the only one in the South West. Within a couple of months it became, and still is, our most popular jewellery range and we absolutely love it!

“We are all different. That is why each UNOde50 piece is different. I want to express moods in my designs. With the metals whose curves reflect a countless number of emotions, their magnificence, their strengths. With the leather that represents the beginning of time and life, nature in the primitive state. The crystals symbolise the joy of living, positivity, fantasy and glamour. And the finished design comes from that mix” Jose Asulay.


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