Keep Smiling Chris 4th May 2022

Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling Doug Hyde

Couldn’t we all do with a bit of “feel good” at the moment? And right on time, here it is –  with two of the UK’s much loved artists. Their uplifting new work made us consider just what is it that makes Sheree Valentine Daines and Doug Hyde so popular?  And why do so many of us connect with these artists?

Scroll on down for some heart-warming “awww” moments – sure to make you smile, whilst stirring emotions of love, family and friends.

We hope you enjoy these.

Doug Hyde - Artist

Doug Hyde – Artist

A Bristol born artist with global appeal

In 2002, Bristolian Doug Hyde was a young artist, painting pictures for his family and friends in his spare time. By 2005, he was named the UK’s best selling published artist, and described on a BBC TV national news broadcast as the UK’s most popular living artist  These days his collectors are world-wide. We take a look at why he has risen to such heights.

My Lucky Stars - Doug Hyde

Doug’s pastel technique uses fingers and thumbs to apply the colour with supreme control, and has the effect of forming a close bond between artist, the canvas and ultimately the viewer. When looked at closely, the smudges and shading are apparent, but they are so dexterously executed as to give total clarity to each image.

It is the perfect simplicity of the image and universal message that makes these pieces so direct in their appeal. In Doug’s work we see ourselves, our hopes and our dreams.

Poetry in the meadows - Sherree

Artist to the stars

Sherree describes her work as representing “a diary of happy days and wonderful memories that I hope others can relate to and enjoy.”

She manages to capture the beautiful moments of everyday life, evoking feelings of your own happy memories and emotions – often from childhood times.

 Innocent children pictured enjoying the English countryside awaken the feelings of security, fun, and adventure of youth.

Each painting, because it is of a genuinely memorable and special moment, holds so much sentiment that almost everyone can relate to it.  It is this that makes us connect with Sheree’s work in a similar way to that of Doug Hyde’s.

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