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Michael Rumsby

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About Michael Rumsby

Michael’s work is distinguished by its expressive, near-abstract quality, always rooted in the landscape, especially in his large-scale, impactful paintings. Utilizing a vibrant mix of media—oil, pencil, charcoal, pastels, and ink—he builds rich, textured canvases that brim with colour and light. His approach involves layering multiple elements to create a dynamic and vital visual experience.

He regularly paints on location, which influences his palette because the colours of the landscape are so immediate and bright. Working outside also has an impact on the final composition, with the piece becoming more representative, whereas painting in the studio results in more abstract work.

In preparation for each painting, Michael creates a portfolio of photographs and sketches as well as committing the colours and the quality of light to memory before returning to his studio. He says: “My work is like a collage of different elements brought together to create one landscape.”

Michael’s early life on the Suffolk coast, with its shifting seascapes, deeply influenced his artistic sensibility. Despite his passion for painting, he initially pursued a corporate career, eventually becoming Global Communication Director for an international firm in Paris. This role, though demanding, kept his creative energies alive through travel and exposure to diverse ideas. His participation in annual corporate art exhibitions in Paris rekindled his dedication to painting, leading to his decision in 2010 to leave the corporate world and devote himself entirely to his art.

His dedication has paid off, with his works now part of private collections across Europe, the Middle East, the US, and Australia. He has also received prestigious commissions, including one for Risk Capital Partners, whose boardroom in Mayfair features his artwork. Since relocating to southwest France, Michael has maintained strong ties to the UK, earning a Fellowship from the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA) in 2014, which acknowledges his significant contributions to the arts.

Michael Rumsby
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