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Mark Curryer’s artistic approach is characterized by his bold and atmospheric cityscapes, drawing inspiration from distinctive architecture and the daily elements of urban life. A notable aspect of his work is his fascination with the impact of rain on the city, especially at night, and the interplay of multiple light sources in reflections.

In creating his stunning images, Curryer employs unconventional tools such as rollers and scrapers, instead of just traditional brushwork. These tools contribute to the unique textures and effects that define his artwork. The use of newsprint adds an additional layer of texture, with some parts intentionally exposed, while others occur naturally due to the uneven application of paint. This technique mirrors the unpredictable and unexpected nature of life in a fast-paced urban environment.

While his paintings may initially appear impressionistic, closer examination reveals small areas of detail strategically placed to engage the viewer with the setting. Curryer incorporates these detailed elements using a diverse range of unexpected objects, adding a layer of intrigue and creativity to his work.

Born in Eastbourne, Mark Curryer demonstrated a passion for drawing and painting from an early age, winning several competitions for his drawings. After studying three-dimensional design at Eastbourne Art College and building a successful career, his love for art persisted. Eventually, he returned to painting, dedicating himself to his craft full-time in a studio at his home in Eastbourne.

Mark Curryer has exhibited his work across the UK, with his pieces finding buyers worldwide. Notable achievements include being named a finalist for ‘Best Up and Coming Published Artist’ in 2018 and hosting a successful live painting exhibition at the Edinburgh Fringe. His journey reflects a fusion of formal artistic training, a successful career in design, and a deep passion for the expressive and evocative world of painting.

Mark Curryer

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