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About Jane Elizabeth

The sculptor and painter Alberto Giacometti once said, ‘ The object of art is not to reproduce reality, but to create a reality of the same intensity.’

Never was this a truer statement than when considering the plight of the animal kingdom and species extinction.

Images of endangered wild animals occur so often in the media that they are at risk of becoming a mere cliché of themselves. By portraying them in heightened or unexpected colours and in a moment of thought and intention, I hope to restore their individuality and remind the viewer that they are living sentient beings with emotions and personality.

I begin each piece with a focus solely on the animal’s intention, but no specific plan, painting loosely and intuitively until a colour scheme emerges to reflect their character. From there, I paint with a precarious balance of control and intuition to try and capture the creature’s energy and free spirit.

Jane Elizabeth, a self-taught artist, has always had a creative streak, drawing and painting from an early age. With a degree in languages, she became a teacher and later, a teacher trainer, indulging her creativity professionally through the design of engaging and highly interactive lessons. At home, Jane has expressed her creativity through interior and garden design.

I’ve always had a love of colour and texture and happily spend long hours devising interior design schemes for myself, friends and family. I decided to paint professionally when a friend told me I was already creating living paintings in my home and garden! I also love animals and am terrified by the increase in poaching, the loss of their natural habitats and the ever present threat of extinction. I think it was a natural progression for me to combine these interests and paint with purpose.

Jane donates a proportion of all profits to the World Wildlife Fund.

Jane Elizabeth
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