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About Elena Henderson

Elena Henderson is an artist who wields her paintbrush as a powerful tool of self-expression. Through her artwork, she translates the surrounding world into a profound language of colour, transforming her emotions into graceful forms, refined shapes, and intricate line work. She works with a variety of textured paints and mixed media, including Indian inks, graphite, soft pastels, spray paint, and gold and silver leaf. Her pieces traverse a spectrum of vibrant shades and intriguing surfaces, creating compelling visual statements.

Henderson’s latest collection, which features semi-abstract florals, exudes sophistication and elegance. Her light and fresh palette, combined with organically emerging shapes, offers an electrifying viewing experience. Her background as a florist, owning her own shop, and her work in interior design, have instilled in her a profound appreciation for the unlimited colours, varied textures, and beauty of flowers. These experiences also taught her to value the metaphorical significance of flowers, with Henderson noting that “a quickly fading bloom or an unopened bud reflect the types of changes we experience in life.”

Henderson is based in Canada and holds a degree in Design from the International Academy of Design and Technology in Toronto. Over the past five years, she has collaborated with numerous galleries across Canada and the United States, achieving success with solo exhibitions in galleries throughout Ontario. Currently, she resides and works full-time as an artist in Orangeville, Ontario.

“My paintings are an emotional manifesto, which emphasize the ultimate visual impact. My uncontrolled imagination is a crucial part of my work and the greatest formation of my visual language. I transform simple and refined shapes into dramatic scenery of graceful forms , brilliant colours and texture. This is where they all together become a true reflection of a forever changing world.”

Elena Henderson
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