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About David Noalia

David Noalia is a Spanish artist. In his art the figurative and the abstract co-exist. The first as a base, the second as inspiration. But it is a constant battle between the two, because as the eye blurs a figure, spots and lines of colour break the balance that existed. “I know how it starts, but I never know how it will end” says David.

When he paints, the artist is constantly listening to his work. “It is when the horse takes on its own character and leaves me astonished, it is at that moment when I know that the work is finished, it is not a matter of time but of sensations”.

For David the horse is a universal theme, in art it is the most represented animal since prehistory. Original from the Iberian Peninsula, the Andalusian horse is the centre of David’s works, as well as representing the essence of Spain: “passion, Colour and elegance”.

With great style David Noalia combines the artistic inspiration of horses, human faces and even landscapes, all awash in colour.

David Noalia
Dough Hyde the great escape. Image of pets in a car and caravan leaving at speed


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