Ana Fernandez

Ana Fernandez

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About Ana Fernandez

Contemporary artist Ana Fernandez, hailing from Valencia, is renowned for her dynamic mixed media landscapes and genre works that evoke the warmth and ambiance of a sun-soaked Spanish day. Ana’s art is distinguished by its refreshing simplicity and candidness, mirroring her approach to both life and her craft.

Each artwork serves as a reflection of Ana’s persona, offering an authentic glimpse into her unique perspective and life experiences. Infused with her optimistic worldview, Ana’s creations burst with vibrant hues, striking contrasts, uplifting themes, and an approachable aesthetic.

Ana possesses a remarkable ability to capture the vitality and spontaneity of everyday life, interpreting it through her kaleidoscopic artistic lens. Her pieces come to life through a blend of watercolours, gouache, and acrylics, each adorned with a distinctive and colourful palette. Describing colour as her ‘companion in travel,’ Ana’s affinity for vivid hues seems to encapsulate both her personal identity and artistic essence.

Having refined her skills at the esteemed School of Fine Arts in Valencia under the guidance of renowned artist V. Giner, Ana has emerged as a beacon of purity and authenticity in the contemporary art scene. Her unfiltered representation style and unwavering passion have earned her a well-deserved place in our portfolio of contemporary art.

Ana Fernandez
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