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Amber Goldhammer

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About Amber Goldhammer

Amber Goldhammer is fast becoming California’s most feel-good pop artist with her vivid fusions of abstract art and graffiti. Inspirational words of love, hope and positivity give her work a universal appeal but, attuned to the zeitgeist, she tempers the gentleness of her language with the edginess of a street artist.

She lays the foundation for each piece with multiple layers of vibrant colour, each one characterised by unique drips and blocks of paint created with sweeping gestural movements. The vigour and spontaneity of her approach engenders a strong sense of flow and forms a colourful launchpad for the words she uses to articulate her uplifting message.

Inspired by creativity in all its guises she loves to explore the latest movements in the worlds of interior design, architecture, performance art and music; but, she says, painting is the one thing that I understand to my core. It fills me up, it makes me happy and I cannot live without it. Life can be both gritty and magical and my works express both extremes, depending on what is happening in my life and the environmental surroundings. It is soulful work; it is physical work; it is mental work; not in the sense of forcing creativity, but in letting go of the mind so much that creativity flows naturally. Every day is a beautiful challenge.

Amber Goldhammer
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