A Pop of Colour Emma Foster 28th May 2024

Join us for the Opening Premiere

Saturday 29th June 12-4pmExpect Gin, Fizz and a Pop of Colour

A celebration of colour

Our forthcoming exhibition “A Pop of Colour”, brings together a powerful mix of exceptional, contemporary artists each known for their use of bold and vibrant colour. You’ll discover a mix of subjects including abstract, landscape, seascape, urban art, pop art, wildlife and more.  Using classic materials such as oil and acrylics, infused with some of the most contemporary mediums available, these artists pushing the boundaries with colour and texture to produce incredible results.

From highly acclaimed artists such as Dan Pearce, Christian Hook, Simon Kenny and Danielle O’Connor Akiyama, to some incredibly talented emerging ones, in this exhibition we celebrate the life in colour and how it influences our daily lives.

Join us for the opening premiere on Saturday 29th June 12 – 4pm to benefit from early access to these works.

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Discover Exceptional TalentHere's a few of our favourites:

Ana Fernandez NEW ARTIST
Ana is known for her vibrant colours & bold contrasts summoning the warmth and atmosphere of a sun drenched holiday.
Michael Rumsby NEW ARTIST
Michael's expressive style and vibrant colour palettes transport you to breezy sea-view apartments adorned with fresh fruit and fragrant blooms.
Lee Kaplan's exhilarating abstract works juxtapose bold, vivid colours with more subtle hues to form a dynamic and engaging visual experience.
Ana Fernandez NEW ARTIST
Known for her vibrant colours & bold contrasts summoning the warmth and atmosphere of a sun drenched holiday.
Miss Mash
Miss Mash is known for her wide-ranging influences including the patterns, textures, landmarks and culture of our urban environments.
Simon Kenny
Known for his colour burst paintings. His mood plays a part on the colours he picks and can change the direction of the work.

Exclusive NEW Gin Tasting

We are thrilled to announce that The Clevedon Distillery are collaborating with us for the highly anticipated launch of their latest Gin creation. This gives visitors to the exhibition the chance to sample this fabulous new Gin (keep an eye out for some colourful magic) which will be on sale only at FIZZ on the 29th June, with a limited edition of 20 bottles. Once its gone its gone. If you are a seasoned Gin-lover or just looking for a fun way to spend a few hours, this Gin is sure to be one of the highlights of the day. 

The Influence of Colour

Colour has a significant impact on our lives, no more so than in the mood and atmosphere of our home. From creating a sense of warmth and cosiness with rich, deep hues to infusing spaces with energy and vibrancy through bold, bright tones. The colours we choose can transform the look of our living spaces and how we feel in them. Whether it’s through wall colour, furniture, or pieces of art, the right colours can evoke emotions, set the tone for the room and reflect our personal style, making our homes truly unique and inviting.

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Event FAQ's

You don’t need to book a place but fill in the form above and we’ll keep you posted on the event news. It also helps us with knowing how many refreshments we need!

Yes, everything on show will be available to purchase. Plus, we offer expert advice and a range of services to help you make the right choices in artwork and have over 65 artists in our portfolio so come and have a chat. 

Yes most of our artists are very happy to do commissions and we have years of experience in handling commission briefs for our clients.  Come and have a chat.

Yes there is free parking – head over to our Contact page for a map and suggested parking araes.

Unfortunately, we are unable to allow dogs in the gallery (other than registered support / working dogs).  We love dogs but sadly we have had things damaged in the past, so we have had to take the difficult decision of no dogs allowed.

Yes of course – everyone is welcome. 

Clevedon is a great place to spend an afternoon (or day).  We have lots of independent shops near us, including boutiques, gift shops, an indie book shop, and a great deli  as well as a good choice of cafes, bars and restaurants. The seafront, The Pier and coastal walks are just minutes from the gallery. 

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Simon Kenny

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